Get custom reports for decision making.

AsseTrack FAMS gives you customised reports that are generated according to user demands.

Increase asset productivity

Are you looking for a solution to deter theft, conduct prevent maintenance, and handle financial accounting of your fixed assets?

Say goodbye to spreadsheets

With state of the art barcode asset management system to manage asset allocation, asset capture, disposalcheck in/out etc

Robust Security in Our Platform

AsseTrack FAMS is only as secure as the system it runs on. Our well-established security policy reviewed quarterly ensure the system runs smoothly.

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Our Asset Management Software Case Use

The Asset Tracking software is web-based and needs only to be
installed at your server and all your branches will be connected.

To allow access from all devices and locations, we can do an onpremise installation or it can also be installed on
an internet server.

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Fixed Asset Management System You’ll Love

Asset Allocation

Assign assets to employees. Accept assets returned by employees.

Check in/ Check out Assets

Check in/ Check out feature enables the Asset Tracking System Users to assign due dates to issued out equipment.

Calculate Asset Depreciation

 Calculate the depreciation of assets based on business models and accounting methods.

Asset Maintenance and repairs

AsseTrack Asset Management provides features enabling you to manage and track asset maintenance

Asset Warranty Management

Keep track of any warranties that you might have, which assets they cover and the period of coverage.

Asset Disposal

 With AsseTrack FAMS you have complete lifecycle management that concludes with asset disposal.

Fixed Asset Financials

You can be able to get information like Asset Barcode Number,Name of the Asset,Supplier etc

Asset Manager

AsseTrack FAMS contains a default set of rights that can be assigned to users for a specific role as they work within the system.

Asset Tracking Reports

Feature assists the user of the AsseTrack FAMS to configure their own asset reports.

Powerful Dashboard

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Unmatched Security

Keep Your Information Safe With:

  • User based permissions allow for tight access control of key features.

  • Off-site data protection gives you the peace of mind that your business data is safe and secure.

  • User verification such as user-specific passwords,two-factor authentication, and photo capture.

User Permissions For Every Level

Monitor and Control Every Detail


User can access different product workspaces controlled by the roles/ rights that the user account is associated with.


Like super admin, administrator will have full access right for managers and employees but cannot access business settings.

Super Administrator

Oversees the entire account along with all employees, managers, and business setting. The super admin has full access with no restrictions.

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What our clients say about AsseTrack FAMS

Simple, Straightforward and ease of use.From start of adding the assets in the system, it enables us to even import our assets into the system which makes it easier for our team to add assets within a short time. Allocating asset, deleting, editing of assets have been simplified in a manner that is easy for us to navigate.

Daisy Wangui

Daisy Wangui

With Webscreations FAMS we can now easily track, organize, maintain, and retain the value of assets. This tool tracks an asset right from the day of purchase, thus providing detailed analysis and history. This software provides important details such as check-in and checks outs, a location of the assets, depreciation among other details.

Daisy Maina

Daisy Maina

Managing of assets was quite easy with a web based asset management system like Webcreations FAMS as it has all the features that we required to be able to manage assets online..The features that we were looking for depreciation module,user management,check in check out,allocation,repairs and maintenance and customized reports.

Nelson C.

Nelson C.