Several organizations do not keep track of work orders, as a result, their productivity suffers. Therefore, work order tracking is very important for organizations to keep their productivity up all the time. For efficient work order management, asset management software can help.

It can provide tremendous assistance to the work order supervisors, managers, directors, and decision-makers as well.

This software can assist in creating an effective workflow for managing work order requests. Permit others to submit work orders straightforwardly to your maintenance team keeping everything moving smoothly & easily.

All the information is easily accessed and understandable. It helps the chief and management to make informed decisions concerning time and money sparing activities.

This software will make your daily operating procedure to be more streamlined, smoothed out, and permit you to increase productivity.

What Are the Benefits of Work Order Tracking with Fixed Asset Management Software?

The benefits of work order tracking with asset management software are given below:

Centralized Information

With this software, data is centralized & it reduces the chances of duplication or disorganization of work. Prioritization of work is also done that informs employees which work order is more important. It enhances overall productivity.

In a big organization, there are lots of work orders, and keeping track if each work order can be a challenging task. With the software, managers not only track work orders but assign the task to employees individually. This makes it easy to schedule and supervise work orders.

Better Resource Allocation

It has been seen many times that one asset is given too much maintenance or very little maintenance. The issue is proper resource is not allocated. This is one of the main reason maintenance scheduling, tracking and report is very essential.

It helps managers knowing on which asset more resources are allocated. The software allows you to allocate resources better. When you allocate maintenance on time and tracks assets for maintenance then you see increased performance in the reports.

Keeps Everyone in the Loop

Workflow is streamlined with the work order software. Everyone in the process knows about work order in real-time. Issues can be identified and its effect can be minimized.

With this software assistance, effective communication is done. Moreover, work status can be seen. Furthermore, images & descriptions or comments can be added by employees and clients.

Work Order Reports Analytics

With the software, you can create reports and analytics regarding the work order. These reports can be very helpful in finding the potential area of improvement which will directly impact productivity.

With analytics, you can plan for unfinished work orders. Find assets that are not productive or taking more maintenance than required.

Keep Assets in Good Condition

For maintenance often companies rely on reactive maintenance. Organizations prefer maintenance only when a breakdown occurs. Surprisingly, the business does not implement preventive maintenance that can reduce maintenance costs.

With this software’s preventive maintenance, you can schedule or manage the schedule of an asset. Work orders created and assigned to technicians.

It allows creating a checklist in the schedule for the task to be done. You can also define, how frequently maintenance shall be done as per the requirement.

Whenever a work order is assigned to an employee, notification is sent to that particular employee and later you can check the status of all activities left for maintenance. You can gather reports and data about the same.

This software also enables you to create a maintenance schedule for just one asset or multiple assets, depends on your requirement. The next due date is automatically picked up as per the maintenance schedule.